(Birthday post)  differences between 7 year old and 17 year old! 

Okay so I thought why not list the differences between the 7 year old me and 17 year old me on my birthday! I guess you all will find some points relatable. So here it goes :

7 year old me – I’m sooooo excited. My birthday is like almost a month awaaayy 

17 year old me-  Ohh, tomorrow is my birthday? Great! I’m an year older. 

7 year old me – *Invites the whole locality including the neighbor’s cousin’s daughter to a grand party arranged by my mom and dad*

17 year old me- *never mind, I’ll give you the party next year dude*

7 year old me- The whole class is my friend and would love to make new friends everyday. 

17 year old me – have  altered my friends list and three or four people have made it through. Others are just people whom I talk with. But I can give my life for these three or four people. 

7 year old me- always loves to be the center of attraction everywhere. 

17 year old me- stays far away people, lingering in the corner of the room. 

7 year old me- feels that everyone is sooo good and hopes the best for me. 

17 year me- distinguishes people into toxic, non-toxic and best friends and family. But still manages to get hurt. 

7 year old me- come back from school, go to play, return home when stars show up in the sky. 

17 year old me- sits all day long in the room, changing positions, lazy to even step out. 

7 year old me- Stressed about the fact that I’ll soon be caught by the catcher in the hide and seek game. 

17 year old me- Homeworks, assignments, projects, exams and what not? 

7 year old me- Mocked at my elder brothers and sisters or friends when they said they never knew what they wanted to do in life. 

17 year old me- Now understands what they meant when they said they didn’t know what they wanted to do in life. 

7 year old me- very impatient. Can’t spend a minute sitting idle. 

17 year old me- Favourite pass time is staring at the walls and roof. Can do it for hours. 

7 year old me- always felt that older you get, the more freedom you have. Wanted to grow up as soon as possible. 

17 year old me- feels that 7 year old me had so much freedom. Wants to go back in time. 

Haha that was it. Before I started writing this post, I never even imagined I could list 10 differences. Anyway, it’s not right if we complain about growing up, because that’s what life is all about. Adapting to changes?
Good day everyone 😁💓


  1. I agree with you but wait till you’re adult. You would just sometimes wish to be a kid to receive gifts, love and have nothing more than to play, learn and enjoy life. I also believe that whatever later stage we may be passing, we will always conserve that child hidden as a treasure within us.

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