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To my dear koko and koki (I know that’s a stupid name, but I’ll still call you that😂), 
I was wondering why I face such stupid problems all the time. I was wondering why this happens to me alone. I was cursing the tough situations that came on my way until I met you both. 

You people have inspired me to smile, even if there’s something bad happening to me. You’ve taught me that life isn’t unfair to anyone, everyone has problems of their own. It’s jus the way you decide to deal with them. You can either set back and accept failure or you can take a step back and then jump forward with a roar. 

Childhood has already given you a lot of bad experiences and that has what made you who you are today. Strong. Bold. And that teaches me, it’s our experiences that is our master. 

When the society laughs or mocks at you, you my darlings, have never given up. You might be feeling to kill that person right away na? But I see how you keep calm and composed. Your life gives me a lesson about not to bother about what society says and speaks about you, you jus gotta keep going and do you work. 

Thank you, for coming into my life, coz today I realize “life is all about struggles and If you don’t struggle, you don’t reach anywhere”. Thank you, for inspiring me and influencing me and lemme tell you I am proud of you girls. 


Good evening people! There’s always a person in our life who inspires us right? Comment down below a line or two about them. 


Take me there 

Where there is nothing

Yes, I mean take me

To nothingness

Where there is no violence 

And no peace

Where there is no love

And no war

Where there is jus 

The nothingness 

Where the world doesn’t fade away 

But still is not bright

Where it’s painted neither white 

Nor black, where there is 

No such identified color

Where there is just nothingness 

Take me there 

Where there is no competition 

Of who is smarter 

Where you don’t need to run

To be the first

Take me along

To the place where there is 

No friend and no enemy 

Take me there 

Where there is just me 

And nothingness

No I don’t mean

I wanna die, 

I don’t mean the “nothingness” 

That the dictionary shows

Take me there, 

Where I can be me 

And where I can be me. 
-Malavika 😀

   आँखों में पट्टी! 

आँखों में खुद के,  धुल  चोको न  तुम, 

आँख  अंधा    हो  जायेगा 

जो  पडा  तेरे  आगे , तुझको 

वह  भी  नज़र  न आएगा |

सच को स्वीकारा तो सलाम तुझको 

वरना तू खुद पे लज्जाएगा 

कम्बल पहनायेगा तू खुद को 

तो धूप तुझको सताएगा |

झूटी कहानी सुना उसको,  पर

तू खुद  उसे न मानेगा 

उसको तोह बहकाएगा, पर 

खुद को क्या बताएगा? 

One lovely blogger award 

Yaayyyy another award.. I’m so happy again.. I know I’m a Lil late but still thank you so much Nishtha for nominating me for this award! I don’t know if I deserve this, but thank you so much. I can’t express how happy I am..! 

If you haven’t visited her blog till now, please visit as soon as possible. “Exploring life with Nishtha shukla”. She’s an amazing writer and you should defenitly not miss her blog.

Thank you Nishtha once again. 

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7 facts about me:

1. I get super excited about anything and everything. 

2. I’m a good listener I suppose. I love listening to people. 

3. I’m a big fan of Mohammad Raffi sir. 

4. I am a big football fan+ cricket fan. I never miss a match. 😂

5. I’m a day dreamer. I create scenarios in my mind and start laughing by myself. 😂

6. I play violin. Yeah, I’m a violinist 😁😂

7. I like to believe that therez a parallel universe somewhere else. 😂😂

My nominees are:

1. Nishitha

2. Juliehcares

3. Ambika bharadwaj 

4. Just ekta